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Everything is made for those who smoke in Indonesia and Malaysia

While in other countries there’re special, smoking areas for those who smoke, in Malaysia and Indonesia they smoke where they wish. You’re eating your food in a local cafe and right next to you there’s a bunch of fucking smokers smoking. You don’t smoke? Not a problem, they do! Thus you have to stick it out. They’ll die if they don’t smoke right now. Who cares if you don’t smoke? Nobody.

To be able to share, you have to have it first

You can only share your happiness and love with others if you have them. How do you get them? You have to start off with yourself: love yourself first. Be egoistic. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love others because you’ll have no love to share with them.

Why don't we respect children as much as elders?

He’s is old and wise. He must know everything about life and thus must be respected. I know that in Korea, for example, for older an employee is, the higher their salary. I guess that there’s something similar in Japan and probably in China.

Nonetheless, there’re things an adult can learn from children. These are things that become forgotten by adults as they age. Why? Because of our society.

What is a child able to do an adult can’t? A child lives in the present moment. A child is able to focus on what’s he’s doing right now and be surprised. A child has no burden of knowledge. A child is happy just to be alive, with no other reason. A child is closer to the true human nature.

Most adults are exactly the opposite, they believe that being like a child is a shame and everything must revolve around being serious all the time.

The goal of a man is to become a child again.

Male and female equality is impossible

Female will never be equal to male because they’re very different. Nature has created them different and it’s how it is.

Does a woman wish to become equal with a man? Alright, she’ll have to become a) stronger b) less emotional c) more rigid d) more listening to her mind rather than her heart e) and so on, and so forth.

Suppose, she’s able to archive all these. However, will she still remain a woman after she’s changed in such a way? No, there’ll be no woman anymore, there’ll be another man who used to be a woman. Hence, why are some women obsessed in becoming equal with men?

From China Town to the Yangon's airport, 15 km on foot

In Yangon I checkout from my hotel a day priour to my flight. What to do that whole day? Sit in a coffee-shop with a laptop and walk around. And so I did. First I went to a first coffee-shop, thai Black canyon coffee and stayed there for a few hours. Then went to another one and stayed there. After that at 6 pm, I decided that I still had plenty of time til tomorrow and therefore I continued going to the airport. I reached it at 9 pm. And in total I've passed 15 km and 11 hours on the road including the time I spent in the coffee-shops. Am I crazy? Yes, a little.