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From China Town to the Yangon's airport, 15 km on foot

In Yangon I checkout from my hotel a day priour to my flight. What to do that whole day? Sit in a coffee-shop with a laptop and walk around. And so I did. First I went to a first coffee-shop, thai Black canyon coffee and stayed there for a few hours. Then went to another one and stayed there. After that at 6 pm, I decided that I still had plenty of time til tomorrow and therefore I continued going to the airport. I reached it at 9 pm. And in total I've passed 15 km and 11 hours on the road including the time I spent in the coffee-shops. Am I crazy? Yes, a little.

Girls in Myanmar

Perhaps they’re the most beautiful ones I’ve seen so far in Asia. Their beauty is natural and they’re taller than girls in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. However, they speak none or little English. How to communicate to them? On a street when I talk to them by approaching them, they’re being shy because there’re almost no foreigners and the fact that we’re talking walking on a street in unusual. Maybe people we’ll treat her as a prostitute she’s thinking.

Yangon, Maynmar - a city with no motorbikes

On the 3rd day staying in Yangon, Maynmar it dawned on me: there're no motorbikes in the city. I searched in the internet and found out that indeed they'd been banned. Still the traffic isn't heavy, it's rather small, perharps the same as in Laos.

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Why is everything the way it is?

Suppose, the future, 100 years from now, has come and the men has discovered everything about our planet and the whole Universe. However, I invision that there still will be one question remaining: why does everything exists in the way it does and not the other? Why does everything has certain properties and traits and they are as they are? For instance, why is the Sun yellow? Because it hot, indeed. But why does something hot has to be particulary yellow and not of some other colour?

Or, why is the average height of a human is around 170 cm? Why not 5 meters or 70 santimeters? Interestingly, if we were of different height, the question would still not go away.

Additionally, why does time go forward and not backwards? It could go backward as well? Suppose it could. Then why would it be only forward and backward, why not in 5 different directions? And so on, and so forth.

In other words: is there the ultimate, master dashboard of the whole Universe where all the parameters of everything can be setup?