It’s a common knowledge that you only get what you give to others and don’t get what you don’t give. If you hurt someone, you’ll be hurt in return sooner or later. If you share your compasion and love, you’ll receive, indeed, compasion or love.

However, that’s a shallow explanation of how it works and there’s a mistake in it. The time when you get something back isn’t in the future. The time is in the present moment. You receive it right away, right after your action or even during it. After you’ve hurt someone, you get hurt right away because that action of hurting someone already hurts you back. If you’re giving someone kindness, you’re also receiving kindness right in that very moment.

If it was in the future as it’s widely believed, you’d be able to avoid it. What’s in the present moment can’t be avoided because it’s right here and right now.

It’s applicable for virtual life too. How do you feel when you insult someone on a forum in the internet? I’ve found it to be quite stressful and affecting my real life.