He’s is old and wise. He must know everything about life and thus must be respected. I know that in Korea, for example, for older an employee is, the higher their salary. I guess that there’s something similar in Japan and probably in China.

Nonetheless, there’re things an adult can learn from children. These are things that become forgotten by adults as they age. Why? Because of our society.

What is a child able to do an adult can’t? A child lives in the present moment. A child is able to focus on what’s he’s doing right now and be surprised. A child has no burden of knowledge. A child is happy just to be alive, with no other reason. A child is closer to the true human nature.

Most adults are exactly the opposite, they believe that being like a child is a shame and everything must revolve around being serious all the time.

The goal of a man is to become a child again.