In Kuta, Bali in Indonesia the local people are friendly. But not only are they friendly, most of them are quite wild, crazy and some are annoying. The street vendors, taxi and motorbike drivers don’t understand it when you’re turning a blind eye to them asking you “A motorbike? A taxi? Ladies? Shopping? Surfing?”. They simply don’t.

It’s not enough to ignore them. It’s not enough to say no. It’s not enough to say it’s expensive or you don’t need whaterver it be they sell. They’ll ask you one more time and lower the price. And one more time. And then one more. That can easily make you loose your cool and insult them because “I don’t need that after all no matter how much it costs, leave me alone, you son of a gun!”. But you have to be patient because insulting is a double-edged sword.

You might be walking on a street, especially if you’re carrying your bag, and when a motorbike driver sees you from the opposite side of the street, he’ll cross the road on his motorbike, approach you and begin making you an offer you can’t resist to: “Motorbike? Where are you going? Motorbike? Yes? Ok? Motorbike? Do you need a motorbike? Transport?”

Ignoring him doesn’t help. He thinks maybe you’re deaf or shy and, thus he just has to insist more with his offer. “Ok? Motorbike! Motorbike ok? Where are you going? Yes? Motorbike?” Only after a dozen attemps he’ll finally give up and go away look for some else, his next victim.