This year, 2016, Hong Kong is designated as the most expensive city in the world. Recently I stayed there for 3 weeks, or rather, had to stay because if the things had worked out I’d have left in a few days.

Teslas can been seen on the streets of Hong Kong very often.

But I was bitten by a cat and thus had to stay longer to be able to get a treatment. Up till now Hong Kong has been one the cities I like mostly because of its safety, skyscrapers, wifi availability and internet freedom. This time I’ve stayed longer and I’ve come to realize that Hong Kong does have one problem. It’s not a problem for everyone and most people won’t notice it. And it’s healthy food. Most people eat meat and dairy products, thus in Hong Kong they are like a fish in water. But for others in Hong Kong it’s difficult to find healthy fruit and vegetables – ones without GMO and chemicals – because they all come from China and the US.
That goes for the local food as well: the food without meat, harmful oil or hecimals is also awfully rare. Most of the street food is junk, as well as the food in 7-11s and other kinds of grocery shops. 7-11s are full of harmful food from Japan: chocolate, cakes, noodles, etc.


In the indian restaurants, however, being the last resort, traditional indian food, healthy and vegetarian, can be found. They serve naan, parata, samosa, etc. There’re not many of them, but at least it’s something. However, the ingredients they use to cook the food might not be healthy.

During the rush hours the streets get awfully crowded