Or as it’s aslo known as coffeeshop-landia or simply Vietnam. What a funny name “Vietnam”, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of it. Indeed, there’s enormous amount of coffee-shops in Vietnam with different kinds of traditional coffee such espresso, capuchino, americano and their own, local vientnamese coffee. It’s quite cheap, usually it costs $1 or $1.5

In general the prices in Vietnam are around 10-30% lower than in Thailand and other neighbour countries of SE Asia, even so something might be a bit more expensive.

Juices sold on the street are 2 times cheaper and better than in Thailand. It’s pure juice. What’s juice like in Thailand? In Thailand it’s bunk: 40% of milk, 40% of ice, 10% of syrop and sugar and the rest 10% of juice. When you ask them not to put ice or milk, they don’t put them, but they don’t put more juice either.

The hotel prices are approximately the same or cheaper as anywhere else in SE Asia.

Most vietnamese don’t speak English at all. Zero. Being served by a coffee-shop waiter or sales clerk who doesn’t know any single word in English in a tourist place isn’t something uncommon.