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5 years of traveling, non-stop

Today is 5 years since I began traveling: I left Russia for Thailand with one-way ticket and since then have been on the road.

An intention to be happy is an obstacle to happiness

One will never become happy by making a commitment “I want to be happy by all means. It’s my ultimate goal and I’ll pursue it”.

Longing for happiness itself is an obstacle because happiness isn’t a goal, it’s a by-product.

The true happiness is when you’re not certain if you’re really happy or not — you’re not happy and not unhappy.

A woman inside a man; a man is inside a woman

Osho says that a man isn’t only a man - it’s a half man, and a half woman. Likewise, a woman isn’t 100% woman: it’s 50% of a woman and other 50% of a man. In a man the woman’s part is hidden deep inside and the man’s part is visible, and thus the opposite goes for a woman.

Everything is made for those who smoke in Indonesia and Malaysia

While in other countries there’re special, smoking areas for those who smoke, in Malaysia and Indonesia they smoke where they wish. You’re eating your food in a local cafe and right next to you there’s a bunch of fucking smokers smoking. You don’t smoke? Not a problem, they do! Thus you have to stick it out. They’ll die if they don’t smoke right now. Who cares if you don’t smoke? Nobody.

To be able to share, you have to have it first

You can only share your happiness and love with others if you have them. How do you get them? You have to start off with yourself: love yourself first. Be egoistic. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love others because you’ll have no love to share with them.