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How I met Buddha on a street in Bangkok

I was walking on a street in Bangkok as I saw a group of man unloading ice cubes from a truck. Habitually I reached into my pocket for my smartphone and took a picture of one of those guys. Oh, man, I’d never know who that guy turned out to be. Buddha! A guy with the face shining like the sun during the night time, it completely has blown my mind! Buddha himself on a street in Bangkok!

buddha in thailand on a street

Be you an ordinary worker in Thailand or a big boss in Germany, the sun-like face is available to everyone. You merely need to have someone take a picture of you and a street-light right behind your head. Read more
You get what you give. But not exactly in the same way as it's usually believed

It’s a common knowledge that you only get what you give to others and don’t get what you don’t give. If you hurt someone, you’ll be hurt in return sooner or later. If you share your compasion and love, you’ll receive, indeed, compasion or love.

philippines, manila, on the roof of a hotel

However, that’s a shallow explanation of how it works and there’s a mistake in it. The time when you get something back isn’t in the future. The time is in the present moment. You receive it right away, right after your action or even during it. After you’ve hurt someone, you get hurt right away because that action of hurting someone already hurts you back. If you’re giving someone kindness, you’re also receiving kindness right in that very moment. Read more
Back to Ngueynlandia (Vietnam)

Or as it’s aslo known as coffeeshop-landia or simply Vietnam. What a funny name “Vietnam”, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of it. Indeed, there’s enormous amount of coffee-shops in Vietnam with different kinds of traditional coffee such espresso, capuchino, americano and their own, local vientnamese coffee. It’s quite cheap, usually it costs $1 or $1.5


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Burmese thanaka for sale

Brought from Birma where it’s been used over the course of more than 2000 years, thanaka protects your skin against the sun, makes it soft and gives you unfathomable amount of liberation you’ve never ever experienced. Make an order here and I’ll send it over to you. The price without shipping is $4.9. The payment can be made via paypal.

tanaka for sale

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The food in Hong Kong isn’t for vegetarians

This year, 2016, Hong Kong is designated as the most expensive city in the world. Recently I stayed there for 3 weeks, or rather, had to stay because if the things had worked out I’d have left in a few days.

hong kong

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How to recognize chinese and koreans in Thailand

There're many ways to recognize chinese but on them is that when chinese guy and girl are riding a motorbike, the girl always sits on the back-seat \nof the motorbike armed with a paper map or smartphone and is telling the guy which way to go. As a rule, they both are wearing helmets.

Koreans I've seen in Thailand so far are so much alike appearence-wise that at times I think that there're only 2 unique koreans: a male and female and all others are their close brothers and systers.

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In Bali, Indonesia one has to have nerves of steel

In Kuta, Bali in Indonesia the local people are friendly. But not only are they friendly, most of them are quite wild, crazy and some are annoying. The street vendors, taxi and motorbike drivers don't understand it when you're turning a blind eye to them asking you "A motorbike? A taxi? Ladies? Shopping? Surfing?". They simply don't.

It's not enough to ignore them. It's not enough to say no. It's not enough to say it's expensive or you don't need whaterver it be they sell. They'll ask you one more time and lower the price. And one more time. And then one more. That can easily make you loose your cool and insult them because "I don't need that after all no matter how much it costs, leave me alone, you son of a gun!". But you have to be patient because insulting is a double-edged sword.

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A long way

It seemed I’ve been here for the whole eternity, I was tired and exhaused and full of the high hopes which had begun to disappear… with no water and food. Finally I saw a land. We all saw a land. Read more
Vietnam is all about 'Nguyen'

Everything in Vietnam is about Nguyen and Nguyen is everywhere. According to statistics, up to 40% of the women are named Nguyen. Also, some of the coffee-shops and streets are named Nguyen.

Here's one of them located in Ho Chi Mihn city and it's quite popular.

vietnam ngueyn

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